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Got a communication challenge? Let's talk.


Sandy Kerman

Creative Director, Problem Solver

My journey into the world of design began at Northern Illinois University. After
graduating in 1980, I pursued m
y craft in Chicago as a corporate designer for Fortune 500 companies, while freelancing for family and friends.


After many vacations to the Wasatch Mountains and Southern Utah desert, I decided to leave the Windy City for the Greatest Snow on Earth and the red rock desert. Kerman Design was founded in Salt Lake City in 1987.


With decades of wearing many hats and gathering valuable knowledge about the design to delivery process, I am an experienced team player, working with my clients to help them achieve their communication and marketing goals.

An impactful message. A powerful image. Good design generates a memory, action, and easy to find and follow information. 


Hiring a graphic designer to create your marketing materials makes good business sense. As a focused listener and a creative responder, I can work within your budget, your timeline and most of all, your goals. 


What your company is about? What makes you the best at what you do? Who you want to reach? Where are the unusual edges in your project? Understanding this basic information is the best way to develop impactful design.


My job is to present my client's product, company or mission in the best possible light. And in the end, to deliver a product that stands apart—in production quality, creative solution and message.


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